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What is WEL?

     WEL Body Care of Cape Cod is a private self-care and wellness office conveniently located in the town of Centerville, on lovely Cape Cod. 

     Owner and operator, Nicole Lynch, is a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, and has a 25 year background in health and fitness. It is Nicole's mission to provide a quiet, judgement-free space for rest and healing, where peace and balance are restored.

      WEL, (Wholeness for Effective Living), is the understanding that self-care is an integral piece of health and wellness. We believe in the “whole person-whole self” approach to personal care.

     We believe self care and wellness go hand in glove as a “whole person” experience. As such, each service is specifically tailored to fit our client's individual needs.   

     At your first session you'll see it's our client centered service that sets WEL Body Care of Cape Cod apart from other personal care experiences. All sessions are by appointment only to ensure that our clients receive quiet, undivided attention during their treatment. Every appointment scheduled at WEL includes time to talk with your practitioner to discuss your needs and how we can best help you achieve your personal care goals. 

      Now is the time to take a fresh approach to the way you view your “whole person-whole self” practices.  WELcome to WEL Body Care of Cape Cod.

Where we encourage everyone to be WEL. 

Shoulder Massage

First time clients please note, same day appointments are not available and we encourage everyone to book ahead as we do not accept walk-in clients. 

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