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WEL Body Care of Cape Cod is the home of Multiple Modality Massage. 

A Functional Massage Therapy approach that utilizes dozens of modalities and techniques, implemented as needed, for your most effective bodywork session yet. Experience the difference a truly personalized massage makes. This is the massage you've been searching for!

30 minute session: $70  

60 minute session: $110   

90 minute session: $165  

Hydrotherapy Foot Treatment Add-on

30 minute add-on to massage session: $50

Sit back and relax in our massaging hydrotherapy foot bath chair while soaking in a custom crafted aromatherapy foot bath followed by a relaxing and therapeutic foot and calf massage. Perfect for tired, sore feet. 

WEL Skin Care Add-on

WEL Signature 50 minute Facial add-on to massage: $100

Using Mother Nature as our guide to regular skin care, this facial is a biome friendly cleanse, tone, and balance treatment. Safe for all skin types.

Paraffin add-on to massage: treatments come with a biome friendly cleanse and moisture application. 

Hands: $50

Feet: $65


 Massage Therapy is not intended to replace the care of your doctor and/or other medical professional. Your massage therapist does not diagnose. Remember to seek the advice of your medical practitioner prior to starting an exercise or therapy treatment program.  Also note, your therapist may direct you to get clearance from your doctor before starting sessions at WEL.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL sessions at WEL Body Care are by appointment only. 

No exceptions.

First time clients please note, WEL Body Care is not a day spa, we are a therapeutic massage practice. Same day appointments are not available and we encourage everyone to book ahead as we do not accept walk-in clients. 

Back Massage
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